Writing: Compare and Contrast Biomes over the World

For this Monday, September 7th you have to hand in the final copy of your writing.
Compare and contrast two biomes. Identify the subjects being compared using a Venn Diagram (do not put it here). Then explain ow they are alike and how they are different. Be sure to use comparatives and superlatives. And use transitional words such as “similarly” and “also” to say how they are alike. And “however” and “on the other hand” to say how they are different.

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Hi Kids! I hope you get better soon.
Just not to get bored at home, I want to tell you what we are working on at school.
We are working on visualizing what we read. (Cornerstone pg 212) We played the game on describing a biome without saying what it is and your partner has to guess! We had lots of fun!
After that, We made a T-chart to compare and contrast two biomes. Read the explanation on Page 213. You can make your own chart comparing and contrasting the desert and grassland biomes. See the example!
At the end, we wrote a draft copy of a comparing and contrasting writing. See page 216/217. We will work on an expository writing. You will have to compare and contrast two biomes. Read the examples in the book and follow the steps.
There is a very nice writing of a girl called Gabriella Marquez. Have a look!
Remember! First you can make a VENN DIAGRAM and then write your draft copy.
Here is some help for you!
Paragraph 1: Similarities
Paragraph 2: Differences Biome 1
Paragraph 3: Differences Biome 2.
Best of luck! I am eager to read your writing!!!
Get better cause we miss you a lot!

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Let´s play: Visualizing Our beautiful World with your family

In this unit we have studied the different biomes and their characteristics. We have compared and contrasted the biomes and also identified the animals that live there.
We have learnt to VISUALIZE the biomes out of a description read by someone else. We enjoyed that experience a lot! Now it´s your turn to visualize them all.
Here´s an audio book with pictures we chose from the web and descriptions we wrote in groups on the eight biomes.
Close your eyes and enjoy the fantastic world of visualizing!!!!

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Recycling Centers by Santi Yesse

Santi has prepared a presentation on recycling centers. We have seen how they separate litter in groups. It was very interesting because we refresh our campaing on recycling litter. Thank you Santi!

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Biomes All Over the World

Last Friday 21st, We worked on biomes around the world. We identified the different biomes and their characteristics. We compared landscape, animals, weather and so on. After that, we worked on VISUALIZING biomes. We had a great time in the Lab.

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Recycling Paper by Peshi Rocca

Peshi has investigated how to recycle paper and why it is so important for our planet. After her presentation to the class, we saw an interesting video showing how to recycle paper. Thanks for your job!!!

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Mum isn´t in trouble, is she?

We have studied question tags at school. Watch this short video to check the way they are used in oral conversation. After you watch the video, check the explanation and do the exercises below!

Question Tags Video

Captura de pantalla 2015-08-17 a la(s) 18.02.07

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Our World


Click on the link below to play a game to revise Comparatives & Superlatives and learn many interesting facts about our amazing world!

Our World

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Bruno Mars by Tommy Mayol

Great info about such a famous singer! Have fun and dance together!

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Oceans around the World by Clara Passo

Clara has investigated about pollution in the oceans around the world. Have a look and you`ll find it interesting.


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