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Dear children,

This is our blog and day after day we will build it together. I will post tutorials and exercises for you to revise while you play at home and at school. I will also ask you to post your creative writings and special projects. You will also have the chance to post a summary of your oral presentations and your friends will comment on their favourite parts!

Every time you write a post, remember to click on your name on the right side of the page, so that you build your own digital folder.

As you can see there is a category for LENDING LIBRARY. You will find all the books and the tasks you are expected to complete once you finish reading the books. Remember that if you don’t find the book you are looking for you can use the SEARCH tool below the OUR BLOG image.

You can tell your parents to suscribe to this blog, in this way they will be able to see how well you work in class and at home as well. We would love to read their comments too!

See you around and online!

Miss Silvita

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  1. Federico San Lorenzo says:

    I saw all the tutorials they are great.

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