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Recycling Centers by Santi Yesse

Santi has prepared a presentation on recycling centers. We have seen how they separate litter in groups. It was very interesting because we refresh our campaing on recycling litter. Thank you Santi! Recycling centers from silvitalynch

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Recycling Paper by Peshi Rocca

Peshi has investigated how to recycle paper and why it is so important for our planet. After her presentation to the class, we saw an interesting video showing how to recycle paper. Thanks for your job!!!

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Bruno Mars by Tommy Mayol

Great info about such a famous singer! Have fun and dance together!

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The Beatles by Luca de Martini

Great Work on the Beatles!

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Luciano Pavarotti by Euge Andres

Thanks you Euge for all the information about his life. Really interesting.

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Mountains by Mati Carreira

Mati has prepared an excellent powerpoint on mountains. We learned a lot about their origin and different types. We enjoyed it a lot! Oral presentation matias carreira from silvitalynch

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Elvis Presley by Lucas Vorbeck

Lucas prepared a prezi on the famous King of Rock and Roll. We listened to lucas’ favourite song!!! We liked it a lot!!! Thanks!

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Los Cardones National Park by Juansi Machado

Juansi showed us a new National Park.It was so interesting because we didn`t know that cardones were cactus. Thank you Juansi. You can have a look!

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Greenpeace by Feli de Simone

Feli has prepared an interesting powerpoint on an organization called Greenpeace. They are American activists that protect biodiversity, climate changes and deforestation among others. Thank you, Emi! Greenpeace by Feli de Simone from silvitalynch

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Flamenco in Spain by Sere Braun

Sere has prepared an amazing video on Flamenco with lots of interesting information. Have a look and you will learn a lot about clapping and stomping. Thank you, Sere!

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