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The Twins Adventure – Cocobook

The online version of the amazing story you co-wrote with all Junior School is ready! Browse the book and enjoy it!

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Recycling Paper by Peshi Rocca

Peshi has investigated how to recycle paper and why it is so important for our planet. After her presentation to the class, we saw an interesting video showing how to recycle paper. Thanks for your job!!!

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Cocobook – Last stop…let´s choose a title!

The cocobook is about to be ready! We are missing a title for this amazing story. Junior 3 has thought of some possible titles but we all have a say in this! Click here to access the survey!

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Cocobook Project!

It was finally our turn to take part in the cocobook project! We heard the story as built by Junior 1 and Junior 7, then we browsed the amazing images Junior 2 produced and felt how the the characters think … Continue reading

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Deserts by Mili

Mili prepared her oral presentation on deserts. It was very interesting Mili!

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Cars in the Future for us!

In this unit we have been working with the use of the future. We have designed, drawn and described how we think cars will be in the future. Take a look!

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