Writing: Compare and Contrast Biomes over the World

For this Monday, September 7th you have to hand in the final copy of your writing.
Compare and contrast two biomes. Identify the subjects being compared using a Venn Diagram (do not put it here). Then explain ow they are alike and how they are different. Be sure to use comparatives and superlatives. And use transitional words such as “similarly” and “also” to say how they are alike. And “however” and “on the other hand” to say how they are different.

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  1. Emi says:

    They both are forests, they both have animals, they have many trees, they are very big, they have many grass everywhere.
    Rain forests are near the ecuator. It rains a lot there. The trees there are canopies. There the plants grow very well because of the rain. It is very dark there, because of the canopy the sun can’t pass.
    Temperate forests have different seasons, in summer it is very hot. However in winter it is very cold. There live many tall trees and there are also bushes.

  2. Sofi says:

    The ocean and the tropical rain forests are very similar the two of them have a very big variety of animals they are also dark at the bottom.They similarly have water all the year.
    The ocean water is the saltiest , animals that live there have to be able to drink salt water.However many tropical rain forests are near the equator the tropical rain forsts is greener than the artic tundra.

  3. Lucas Francisco Vorbeck Murmis says:

    Rain forests and ocean are similar in having many animals,plants.they also have food for people .ocean and rain forests have animals that people don’t know

    Rain forests have trees but ocean don’t.in rain forests there is more light than in the depth ocean. The rain forests are warmer than the ocean. More mammals live in rain forests than in the ocean

    The ocean is bigger than the rain forest.more fish lives in the ocean than in rivers and lakes in the rain forests. The ocean is deeper than rain forests

  4. Santi Guerrico says:

    In deserts there are animals with little fat.
    And in tundras, there are animals with extra fat.
    However, in both places it is hard to live.
    Deserts are hotter than tundras. And tundras are colder than deserts.
    Tundra is the coldest biome on earth, and desert is the hottest biome on earth.
    Also, in both biomes there are few animals.


  5. Tiara says:

    A Temperate rain forest and a prairies are not the same but they have tihngs in common.They have pasture and different kinds of animals.
    In rain forests it is hot all year round.They get more rain than prairies , aren`t.More than half of animals and plants on earth make their home in the rain forest.
    Prairies are in more temperature areas.There have few or no tress it`s covered with grass but rain forest are full of trees.Animals like cows,sheep,bisons,deer and horses. live there in rain forest there live wild animals.People have turned most prairies into farms.

  6. matias Campion says:

    The temperate ure in desert and rain forest sometimes is the same. both have plants and both have animals.
    However, the two have differences. desert at night is very cold. it rains very little, a few. it has a few trees. it hasn`t got grass. in desert you can`t live if you live you can die.
    in rain forest, it rains a lot. it`s cold sometimes. it has trees the trees are so tall, and it has a lot of grass. the plants and grass don`t get the grass because the trees are so tall that they stop the sun.

    the end

  7. Luca says:

    Both have many animals and both of them have water and are so beautiful.Both have many kinds of plants.
    The Ocean has more water than the Rain forest and it cover most of the Earth’s surface.It has more differents kinds of animals.It is more beautiful than the Rain forest.
    The Rain forest is greener than the Ocean and it has more different kinds of plants and tall trees.

  8. Federico San Lorenzo says:

    The tropical rain forest and the desert : The two biomes are dry and hot.
    But the desert is hotter than the tropical rain forest and is drier than the tropical rain forest.
    But the tropical rain forest has more differents animals, plants and it rains more in the tropical rain forest than in the desert.


    The desert and the grasslands have many kinds of animals.they are al flat because in the desert there is sand all over the place and in the grasslands there is grass.the deserts and the grasslands also have many animals.
    In the deserts,there people living there.The desert is hotter than the grasslands.in The desert,they don’t grow plants and trees because there is sand.
    In the grasslands also have animals like cows and birds.the grasslands are more colder than the deserts.


  10. Felicitas says:

    Tropical rainforest is drier than the ocean.Ocean has got more species of animals than the rainforest.
    The two of them are wet and have plants. Ocean is the biggest biome of the world.
    Tropical rainforests are hotter than oceans.
    The ocean is similarly to rainforest because they both have animals.
    They are different because Tropical rainforests have trees and oceans dont have trees.

  11. Mati H. says:

    Temperate forest is hotter than tundra but tundra is the coldest biome. Temperate forest has less plants than ocean.

    Temperate forest is similar to Tropical Rain forest because both are forests and it haves many plants and animals.

    Tundra is the coldest biome on earth. Tundra has less plants than Temperate Forest but Tundra has more snow than any other biome.

  12. juansi says:

    The Artic Tundra is a cold biome and its the coldest biome on Earth. Deserts are hoter than Tundra.
    Polar bears have extra fat to leave in the Tundra. When it is winter some animals go to other places and migrate. In summer they come back.
    In Tundra it grow`s less plants than in Grassland because in Tundra plants and trees don`t grow. And animals that eat plants and trees can`t find food but in summer plants and trees grow and the animals can eat plants and trees.

  13. caro2014 says:

    The rain forest and the ocean have in common that they have a lot of plants .Animals in both biomes are adapted to the climate and they have water .
    Ocean is the largest biome .However rain forest isn´t.Ocean is full of water and rain forest isn´t.Ocean is the biome with more animals in earth.
    In the other hand,rain forests are the biomes with more plants in earth .Rain forestis wetter than deserts.Rain forest is near the equaetor and the ocean not .Rain forests have more trees than the ocean .

  14. maticarreira says:

    Deserts are as hard to survive as the artic tundra and the desert at night is as cold as the tundra.
    Desert are hotter than the tundra and are dier.
    Tundras are colder than deserts and are more inhabitated than deserts.

  15. Nico Grosso says:

    The savannas and Mountains
    Similarly the savannas and mountains are one of the most famous biomes . They also have trees, animals and grass.
    The savannas and mountains are different .Savannas are near the equator .That’s why the weather is hot . However it has animals. They are: Zebras ,lions and elephants.
    In the other hand , mountains are in every continent n earth. The mountains are very cold at the top. Savannas are hotter than mountains. The top of the mountain is the coldest part of it

  16. euge says:

    Savannas and Mountains
    Savannas and Mountains have many things in common.One is the grass.Both biomes have grass.The two biomes also have animals another similarity is the hot sun and plants.Finally the flowers.The two biomes have flowers. Mountains are colder than Savannas.In the bottom of the Mountains there is a forest animals that live in Mountains. Are the best climbers. Savannas are nearer the equetor than Mountains.How ever Savannas have more animals than Mountains.On the other hand Savannas are hotter than Mountains.

  17. Pili says:

    In mountains and tundra there are lots of snow,in summer both are similary in temperature.

    The mountains,however,have rocks.on the other hand ,they are very tall and they have few plants.

    The tundra has many water and not mountains.in tundras,there are a lot of animals,but the polar bear only live were it could.

  18. Millie says:

    Let’s write
    They have many things in common.Both have animals but savannas have wild life/animals and prairies not.Prairies and savannas are grasslands.There aren’t a lot of grasslands in the world there are very few.
    Prairies have no trees.In prairies,plants do not get a lot of water.But wait!here is a problem:people changed them into farmsbut we need prairies what can we do?protect those animals,plants etc.
    Savannas have trees however you know prairies not.One nice similarity is that both have animals.They are very cute! and nice.Have a look go or visit savannas or prairies I’m sure you will like it!

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