Hi Kids! I hope you get better soon.
Just not to get bored at home, I want to tell you what we are working on at school.
We are working on visualizing what we read. (Cornerstone pg 212) We played the game on describing a biome without saying what it is and your partner has to guess! We had lots of fun!
After that, We made a T-chart to compare and contrast two biomes. Read the explanation on Page 213. You can make your own chart comparing and contrasting the desert and grassland biomes. See the example!
At the end, we wrote a draft copy of a comparing and contrasting writing. See page 216/217. We will work on an expository writing. You will have to compare and contrast two biomes. Read the examples in the book and follow the steps.
There is a very nice writing of a girl called Gabriella Marquez. Have a look!
Remember! First you can make a VENN DIAGRAM and then write your draft copy.
Here is some help for you!
Paragraph 1: Similarities
Paragraph 2: Differences Biome 1
Paragraph 3: Differences Biome 2.
Best of luck! I am eager to read your writing!!!
Get better cause we miss you a lot!

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3 Responses to GET BETTER SOON…

  1. Sere Braun says:

    The simiarities of the tropical rain forest and the Ocesan are that bouth have lot of animals, have plants, water and we hva to save them.
    In the tropical rain forest is in danger of extincion and the ocean not,the tropical rain forest is veryb wet and the ocean isn´t ,in the tropical rain forast are very the ocean,there are more species of animalsand in the tropical rain forest there aten´t,the ocean is bigger than tropical rain forest, the ocean trees are smaller than tropical rain forest.

  2. Manu says:

    The ocean and the topical rain forests are similar because they have so many kinds of plants and animals.Ocean is bigger than tropical rain forests.Tropical rain forests have more trees than the ocean.
    Ocean is diferent from tropical rain forests.Ocean is the largest biome in the world.they make up the 70 porsent of earth°s surface.Many kinds of animals and plants live in the ocean.
    The tropical rain forests is diferent from the ocean.Tropical rain forests is near the ecuator.Tropical rain forests also have a lot of rain.The rain helps the plants to grow.Tropical rain forests have more animals than the ocean.Many exotic birds,reptils and mamals live in tropical rain forests.

  3. Manu says:

    I like so much the dog

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