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Cocobook Project!

It was finally our turn to take part in the cocobook project! We heard the story as built by Junior 1 and Junior 7, then we browsed the amazing images Junior 2 produced and felt how the the characters think … Continue reading

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Los Glaciares National Park by Tomas Z.

Thanks Tommy for the information! We really want to go to Calafate and take a walk with those special shoes!

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Firefighters by Nico Larralde

Nico Larralde created a great presentation about firefighters! It was very interesting to learn about these people and what they do every day. You can watch his prezi if you want to learn more…

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Iguazu Falls by Pili Omodeo

This is an interesting prezi about Iguazu Falls. Thank you, Pili! We want to travel to the falls!

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REVISION FOR THE MID TERM! Past Simple vs Past Continuous

Let´s start with our CYBER REVISION! Have a look at this tutorial. You will learn how to use and form both tenses. Have a look and find it useful! Once you watched it, practise with these games! Read and complete! … Continue reading

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Service Dogs by Sofi Acevedo

Sofi has prepared a fascinating prezi on service dogs. Lets enjoy it!

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Savannah by Emi Varela

Congratulations Emi! We learnt a lot about savannah, animals and climate. It was very interesting.

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