The Lost Wallet

the lost wallet

Do you think the kids got a good punishment? Why? Mention a time where you were punished and had to compensate for something you did wrong. How?

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12 Responses to The Lost Wallet

  1. Felicitas says:

    I think is good the punishment because they dont have many things to do because they are kids. when i did something wrong my sister gave me the worse punishment because i took her lip gloss and she realized so i had to gave her my new one of london.

  2. Nico Grosso says:

    I think that the punishment is not enough, but I don´t know what will be the correct punishment, because they are kids and they can´t work for money.
    One day I was playing with a friend and I broke the window of my uncle´s car. My punishment was that I have to gave all my money to him.

  3. lucas says:

    I think that the punishment was okay because they are kids and they can´t go to prision and they were sorry that they took the money.
    No I never had to compensate, I had to say I am sorry when I did something wrong.

  4. Sofia Acevedo Damico says:

    I think that Mr. Harris could gave to the boys a bigger punishment because they did something very wrong,i think that MR. Harris coul said to the boys to clean his house or his car or the class before the school.
    One day I pass tio mario, the toy stor, and i saw a game and I wanted it, sow i washed the dishes and my mom gave my some mooney.

  5. caro2014 says:

    I think it is good because they pay in a good form but they pay.One day my mother put all a month without ipad or ipod because I kick my sister and she started to cry.

  6. maticarreira says:

    I think that no because it could be worse.And you are helping and cleaning. My mum said that I have to take a bath. I dont do anything and she asks if I can bath and I said yes. Then I regret it so she fogives me.

  7. Mati H. says:

    I think that mr Harris was nice because he was good to the boys. I don’t remeber of a punishment but once I clean the car for mooney for a thing that I wanted a lot.

  8. santi.y says:

    I think the punishment was fair because they made a big mistake and they had to work hard for six months to repair the error.
    Last year I was playing football with Lucas in my livingroom and we broke a lamp.My parents left me with out candies for a month.


  9. tiara says:

    I don’t think so. Because I would have given them a stronger punishment.
    They took me to my bedroom. Because I didn’t know a very easy sum.

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