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i spy

Edgar is certainly not a good spy. Imagine you are a reporter and write an article for a newspaper retelling what happened in Washing DC. Start like this…

Last week the police caught a spy in Washington DC. His name is Edgar.

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  1. Millie says:

    Last week the police caught a spy in Washington DC.His name was Edgar.It was the first day at his new job.He had some secret plans because he was a spy.He wanted to gave to gave them to a spy woman,who wants to buy them.
    -“Find me in the sit behind you on the bus.I’m wearing a green sweater,blue jeans and a gray hat” said the spy woman.
    Edgar went to the wrong bus stop.He saw the wrong girl who was wearing the seam clothes at the spy woman but she wasn’t!!He gave to the wrong woman the plans!.The spy woman shauted at him you gave the plans to the wrong woman!.He pushed a man that was on the bike to catch the bus,the man was pretty angry with him.After that he hited a dog.Then he hited a woman ande she droped her ice-cream.The bus stopped and the woman puted her bag down to take photo while Edgar was trying to get his bag.Suddenly the two men and the woman that Edgar pussed and hited run and caught Edgar when he was trying to take his bag.After a few seconds all the papers flew over the air.The woman told the policeman about the bad plans and he went to prison.

  2. peshi says:

    Last week the police caught a spy in Washington DC. His name is Edgar.He was arested because he want to stole to a woman .We see that breaks the woman´s bag and it have top secrect plans. Edgar did many things more , he stole a bicickle , he hits a dog and hits a woman that all the information that I whil give today good bye.

  3. Felicitas says:

    Last year a new spy called Edgar was caught. He want to meet another spy because he want to give her secret papers but only if she gave him the money.But Edgar got confused and gave the papers to the wrong girl. When he want to take the bag with the money the girl left in the bus but Edgar took the bike of a man and followed her. He was so consentrated that he hurt a lot of people.Then he tried to got it and the girl push the bag and called the police he go to the police station now poor Edgar.

  4. Sere Braun says:

    Yesterday a spy was trapted because he wanted to change secret papers for money to a woman of another country.When they were supoused to change the bags he accidentaly changed with yoon-hee ,that was a tourist,instaed of the spy. Then he stole a bike to follow yoon-hee and had his bag, but when he wanted to catch the bag ,the bag broke and everybody saw the secret plans.The spy went to prison and the police stayed with the secret papers.

  5. luca de martini says:

    Last week the police caught a spy in Washington DC. His name was Edgar. Last week he was working on my new job and another spy call me because she want plans and she give me money. She said me to meet in Lincoln Center bus. When I went there it was a girl with the same clothes that she said me and the name of the girl was Yoon-Hee but she don’t was the girl of the telephone and he followed her into the bus and he switched the purse with Yoon-Hee. When he got out of the bus, Edgar talk with the right spy and she told me that I switch de incorrect purse,owww nowww the bus gow away nooow.Then he pushed a man that was riding a bicycle and he took the bicycle an Edgar follow the bus and only care of the bus follow it so wast and he was only seeing to the bus,a person was with his dogs and he crash a dog and he say sorry then woman was with a ice cream and the bicycle and me crash the woman.When he got to the museum he saw Yoon-Hee taking a picture and he tried to get the purse but the man of the bicycle punch him and Yoon-Hee go away in the bus and the spy push again the man and follow the bus.Edgar arrived the girl and again her ice cream fall,then Edgar arrived the dog again.When he got to the place that Yoon-Hee go .Edgar go running and the two of them started to pool the purse and the purse broke and all the plans got out of the purse and all the people that he pushed ,jump on him and called the police.When the police came they took him to the police station and Edgar said “this is my first day”.

  6. caro2014 says:

    today the police arrest a man that have secrets plans .this man get in trouble a girl(yoon-hee) but it’s okay now.here is yoon-hee :
    _how you feel then of this that hapen to you ? is a real mess ,no?_ I said
    _yes . then of this I fell very hectic this never hapen to me in all my life_yoon-hee said
    then I talk to the man alled edgar but I can’t the police didn’t let me talk whit him he said thise
    _he can’t talk goodbie-

    the end

  7. Federico San Lorenzo says:

    Monday 21st. Spy arrested at the museum.
    Last week the police caught a spy in Washington DC. His name is Edgar.
    He was wearing a grey trench coat, brown shoes, a brown and black hat and dark glasses.
    When the police arrested him he was with top secret papers. A man who was riding a bike, a man with dogs and a woman with two ice creams were attacking him. He was chasing Yoon-hee, a Chinese girl with brown hair, and he was trying to steal some papers from the government. When the police arrested him he was hurt, his leg was broken by the angry people. He was crying because of his broken leg.

  8. santi.y says:

    Last week the police caught a spy in Washington DC.His name was Edgar.
    It was Edgar’s first mission.
    He had to meet a woman wearing a green sweater,blue jeans and a gray hat at White House bus stop.There they had to change a red bag with money for one with plans.Edgar went to the wrong station and saw a girl that was like the description he had.He took the bag from the girl but it wasn’t the correct bag.It had an apple instead of plans!!!
    Edgard tried to follow the bus with a bike that he stole and made a big mess in the street.
    When he was ready to get back the correct bag the police caught him,arrested him and took him to the police station.

  9. Tomas Zubizarreta says:

    Today a man called Edgar, that work on a spy company, was arrested.
    He accidentally shagged bag .
    Then he robbed a bicicle and started breaking all.
    Later when he saw the woman he took the bag and it broke.
    Then all the people come and called the police
    The grill started to look all the papers and then she explained everything to the police .


  10. Mati H. says:

    Last week the police caught a spy in Washington DC. His name was Edgar. He had a new job that was to be a spy. He had to give secret plans to another spy for money. They said that they would be in the White House bus and the other spy said “I have long black hear I am wearing a green sweater blue jeans and grey hat. Then Edgar was in the wrong bus stop. He sas a girl with the same clothes that the other spy said and they got on the bus and changed the bags. Then he saw the bag and there was not money so he wanted to change it again and he made a lot of people get angry and then they arrested him.

  11. Sofia Acevedo Damico says:

    Last week the police caught a spy in Washington DC. His name was Edgar.He was
    starting a new job of spy.There were some secret plans that he would give him to another spy for money,and a call enter. They had a conversation about the plans and the money and the woman described her and said:he had long black hair,she was wearing blue jeans,a gray hat and a green sweater. They were going to change bags at ten o’clock on the bus. (one with money and the other with the plans)he finished the conversation.
    At ten o ‘clock Edgard was on the wrong bus stop .Edgard saw a girl that was very similar to the other spy and she had the red bag but her name was Yoon-Hee.
    He thought she was the spy and he followed her to the bus.
    Edgard sat behind Yoon-Hee and carefully took her bag and got off,he looked inside the bag and only found an apple, the woman said:you had the wrong bag. I had the money she had the plans and the bus left.
    Edgard had many problems to catch the bus,he took a bike of one boy,he hit a dog in the park and left all the dogs free, and he hit a woman with an ice cream.
    The bus stopped, the girls got off and Edgard wanted to change the bags but a man saw Edgard. It was the man of the bike who was very, very angry and Edgand escaped with the bike. He hit one more time the woman with the ice cream and one more time he hit the dogs.
    Edgard saw Yoon-Hee. He tried to take the bag but the bag broke and all the plans were everywhere.The men, the woman and the dogs arrived. They were all very angry with Edgard , Yoon-Hee and her friend looked at the papers and told the policemen. They took Edgard to the police station and Edgard was so sorry.

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