Trouble at Sea


Imagine the kids did not stop Carlos. Write paragraph saying what happened to the place after that day.

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  1. Peshi says:

    If the children don´t stop Carlos he would polutin all the sea and all the sea animals will died.Carlos will made his hotel and won millions of dolars.

  2. juansi says:

    If children don’t stop Carlos, he will put oil on all the beach and animals of the sea will die and Carlos will buy the hotel.

  3. Tiara says:

    If the kids don`t stop Carlos,the sea will be with oil and the birds and the fish will be dead.The house of Mr.jenkins will be the hotel that Carlos wanted to build.

  4. maticarreira says:

    If the kids don´t stop Carlos, all the beach will be contaminated, the people will never go to the beach, all the animals will die and Carlos will build a hotel.

  5. Mati H. says:

    If the kids could not stop Carlos, the oil would be in all the water of the world. All the people and animals would died because of the contamination.

  6. Sofia Acevedo says:

    the boys took their phones and recorded the conversation and put it on inernet with hope that many people saw it.Jim and Carlos were sleeping and million policemen were arround them and went to jail for a couple of time and the 5 friends very happy by what they did and celebreate whit an Ice Cream.

    ::::THE END::::THE END::::THE END::::THE END::::THE END::::THE END::::

  7. matias Campion says:

    If they didn`t stop Carlos, the beach is going to be with oil and all the animals die. Carlos and Jim will rebuild a hotel and anyone will go to the beach and in 3 years the people will come to the hotel.

  8. Miss Silvita says:

    The children didnt stop carlos.All the animals died and the children were sad.Carlos made his hotel and he won a million dolars because he was very famous.The children went there and they liked it and sayed there.Then all new animals came and it was the same but with new animals and not oil.


  9. pili says:

    If Children don´t stop Carlos, the beach was contaminated by the oil and the animals was died. Carlos will buy the house and he will be rich and all the children will cried and they will be very sad.

  10. Manu Carrizo says:

    Once upon a time there were five children. They wanted to swim. While they were in their motorboat they saw a big boat. They said ¨I want that¨. They stopped at the rocks. David saw something in the water. They looked at the water and they saw a bird with oil. Daniela asked “Will it live? ¨I don’t know ¨answered David. It was covered with oil, it couldn’t fly or eat. They had to clean it or it will die. David was good with the animals so he could help. They looked everywhere for Mr.jenkins. Mr.jenkins worked at the Zoo. When they found him he looked very angry. One of his dolphins was sick .Mr Jenkins cleaned the bird with David. Later, David and the others went to the boat again. Maybe there were some more birds sick. All around the boat there were dead fish and dead birds. Oil was everywhere. They saw men in the big boat putting oil in the water. They went to investigate. They wanted to kill the animals to build a hotel in Mr Jenkin’s beach. Daniela took a picture to show it to the police. The men got angry and started following them. The dolphins attacked the men. One man fell to the water. The boat crashed into the rocks. The police arrived and took the men to prison.

  11. lucas says:

    The kids could not stop Carlos.
    Carlos and his helpers killed all the ocean´s animals with the oil because they wanted no one to come to the beach to buy the house cheaply.
    Carlos bought the house and destoyed it and built a big hotel. The animals ran away or died because they ate the trash from the tourists.
    One day, the inspectors arrived and saw that they destroyed nature. The inspectors called the police and the police took Carlos and his helpers to prison.

  12. Luca says:

    If the kids don’t stop Carlos, all the people will not go to the beach. All the animals in the water will die because there is oil everywhere. Carlos is going to build a hotel.

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