Theseus and the Minotaur


You’re Ariadne. Now you live on Naxos. Are you angry? Do you have questions? Write a letter to Theseus.

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11 Responses to Theseus and the Minotaur

  1. Tomas Zubizarreta says:

    Hi my dear Theseus , I’m not angry , but I mis you , and I wold like that next time you do your promises , I wish wi would mite again. with love Ariadne 🙂

  2. Thomas Mayol says:

    Dear Theseus,
    I am not angry with you. Now I am married with a man from the island of Naxos.
    Now I have 2 kids, one is Edgar and the other one is Jeff and we have a dog named Jerry and he loves playing.
    Now I am happy in Naxos. I didn’t like my father and Crete thank you for saving me. I don’t have bad feelings.
    I hope that you are happy and have a good life.

  3. euge says:

    Why do you left me in the island naxos?i am so hungry here and i am very very angry with you .I want to do your wife but you dont want i am a little sad because you left me but if you come and save me i will forgive you.
    i miss you

  4. sere says:

    dear theseus,
    hi why do you didnt fulfill you promise ? I am very angry with you but VERY, VERY VEYE, VERY and VERY ANGRY WITH YOU!.I realy want to go with you I want to be your wife but you live me and I shout to you YOU PROMISE and I tell you (you will be unhappy) and you are unhappy because your father.


  5. Sofía Acevedo says:

    Dear theseus,
    Hi I am angry but I write to you to asked some thinks about your life,but I will start,as you know I am here in Naxos i am sad i miss my father,my life and many things. And you how are you? what you do ?Can you come and rescue me? And your life?Remember promisee are promises,you are VERY,VERY unhappy, i know it because what you did was very bad.I am alone and sad because of your fault.I will be angry all my life.

  6. Santi Guerrico says:

    Seriously? Leave a girl in an island? I am very but VERY angry with you. If you were me, would you like that someone leaves you in an island that you dont know? What a shame. I hate you!! I thought that you wanted to be my man, not a fool.

    I hate you,


  7. maticarreira says:

    Hello Theseus I am really surprised now I don’t know what to do,I don’t know nobody and now I am alone.
    I AM REALLY ANGRY! That is not good,you promise
    I am very sad,please come back.

  8. matias Campion says:

    Dear Theseus,
    Why did you leave me in the island? I am very angry with you. you are not a good person because you left me in an island with other people that I didn’t know who they were. You promised that you would take me with you. why did you do this to me? You will not have friends because you are not honest. I told you, you will be unhappy because your father died for your fault.


  9. Nico Grosso says:

    Hi, Theseus.What has happened ? A promise is a promise. Do you remember that you promised that you had to take me with you? I told you that you will
    not be happy . Why didn’t you take me with you ? I said that are a good King


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