Police TV


Write about a police story you’ve heard or read about, similar to the one in this story.

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  1. Felicitas says:

    One day i was eating an ice cream with my father and we saw a motorcycle going against hand.I was so scared, but half an hour later i calme.then we saw a lot of police men going the same road.With my father we went home beacause we were very shocked.

  2. Clari says:

    Hugo told me tha when we were in the patio Bullrich their was a motorcycle with two man and in a car a group of tourist and one of the tourist have a watch ROLEX and one of the motorcycle run very fast and it takes his watch and run away. And I was there whit my mom!! I was so scared and my momi to

  3. Pili says:

    One day I was eating with my mom in Romario and we saw a man that was with a policeman. We asked the police man wath happened and he told us that the man was stole a handbag of a woman. Then we helped the woman to returned to her house.

  4. Emi says:

    One day I was coming from the Patio Bullrich with my parents and my brother. When I saw that a robber was stoling the watch to woman. I felt really scared and nervous!!!!

  5. Federico San Lorenzo says:

    I heard a story about an old man who was in a restaurant when a man with a gun entered and said “Put all the hands were I can see them and give me all your money now!” then the people one by one went and gave him their money. The owner of the restaurant called the police and then the police came and arrested the thief .
    the end by Federico San Lorenzo

  6. Peshi says:

    One day I was going to shool and I saw the police.In the middle, there was a young boy that was talking to the police.

  7. manu says:

    The young man ran to the old woman, and she fell down. She asked if he had got all the money. She didn´t have her purse.Then Sue and Dan saw the camera and they saw what the thief did.Then she went with the thief and they took him to prison

    the end

  8. caro2014 says:

    one day a man said to my grandmother in the car your wheel is brong She poked her head to see and stole his wallet

    END .

  9. Ceci Mayol says:

    I agree! It is a great story and also a true one (I know because I was there as well :))

  10. Thomas Mayol says:

    When I was in Miami, I was in the playground with my brother and my mom. A thief broke the window of my car and grabbed the purse of my mom.
    Then my brother saw the man with my mom´s purse. We called the police and the police car came fast. The policeman showed us a lot of pictures of robbers and my brother recognized the burgler.
    The next day the police called us and they said that they had caught the robber. We were so happy that we celebrated that we were safe.
    Tommy Mayol

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