Picture Puzzle

picture puzzle

Quite a story, wasn’t it? Can you think of a diffrent ending? Write it.

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  1. lucas says:

    The big man found Pete in the shopping mall.The big man saw the films in the pete’s pocket so the man caught pete and took him to the church. then Amy told the police because she was in the church. Then the police came to the church and the policemen caught the big man and they put him in jail. After amy and pete were friends forever.

  2. Manu says:

    Pete finds Amy before the bad man finds her and together they take him to the churchyard. First, they call the police and they tell them everything about the pictures. The police hide behind the trees in the graveyard and catch the bad man when he tries to kill Amy and Pete.

  3. Nico.L says:

    The police find the money but the police Was Zetter so Zetter keep the money and ran away, the police didn’t saw him so they put Wallace in jail and one year later they found Zetter and the money and the police put he in jail and the money they gave it to Pete and Amy because they found Wallace.

  4. Millie says:

    The man scapes from prison and he cratches Pete and Amy that were boy and girl friend.So the man fights Pete and his girl friend that were in Amy’s house.But they were planing that the man will come so they put some cameras in all the house so when the man fought him it was al in the video.After that they gave the policemen the proves and the man will be all his life in prison.

  5. mati campion says:

    When the police found the money they didn’t believe Pete and Amy. So the police put Pete in prision instead of Walace the big man. So Walace let Zetter escape.
    When the police know that Pete wasn’t it walace and zetter have all ready escape from prision.


  6. juansi says:

    The police found the money but it was stolen money and when they turned the big man scape.
    When Pete,Amy and the police found the big man the police interrogate him and he decided to confess that the money was for a business, company in New York city.The name of the company was chemical ace they wanted to do a new toxin to kill people.
    The police arrested the man and Pete and Amy live happy forever and together

  7. maticarreira says:

    When pete and the police opened one bag that the man had and they found false money
    and then they found another man running. So the police catch him and he confesed that he was taking money for him to save the other man from jail. So the police put them in jail so all where happy.

    THE END.

  8. santi.y says:

    When Pete arrived at Amy ¨s flat he found the big man.The big man told him he was Amy¨s father and that her daughther was in danger so he needed the fotos to exchanged the girl for the pictures.Pete belived him and gavehim the fotos .The man took the pictures and run out of the house.Pete stayed alone in the house and he opened a door and saw Amy tided up.Amy explained Pete that the man cheated him and escaped with the photographs so they decided to call the police.

  9. Sofí says:

    Amy Was with a Man in a airport. they were going to Miami to scape form the police with the money but Peter arrived so he tried to find them .So he went to a chair and he climbed the chair and so he saw them .He ran to them and he surprised the Man with all the police. The police took him to the jail. the end.

  10. sere braun says:

    when pete liberate amy she started to laf ¨you are so dumb pete, I taked the mony now I call the police and you go with them¨ then the big man came ¨!Nooooooo¡ I wanted to tell you, but you didn’t beleve me¨pete was confuse then pete was in his bed his mom came and he think that all was a dream.

  11. Tomas Zubizarreta says:

    when the big man has the gun ,pete gives him the pictures.
    the big man runs away with the pictures and pete unties amy.
    when pete unties amy ,pete and amy go towards the big man .
    then pete jumps to the big man .
    when the big man feels, they call the police.
    when the police arrives, they arrest the big man.
    then amy explains all to the police.


  12. Pili Omodeo Vanone says:

    Amy was tied to a tree near a bomb. The man was waiting for the spy to bring him a lighter to activate the bomb . Then Pete came and the big man pointed his gun and the boy said that he saw a 10 dollars bill under the grass ,when the big man was distracted looking that bill; the boy ran to Amy and unleashed her. At the end the bomb exploded, the big man died and Amy and Pete called the police.

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