Love or Money?

Love or money

Choose one of the characters in the story and retell what happened the night Molly Clarkson died to the police.

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  1. Millie says:

    I’m Diane
    I want to kill her ’cause she killed my father.And he always give me some money.He loved me a lot but Molly hated me.I took her a lot of money from mother.But I didn’t kill her I didn’t put tablets in her coffee I’m telling the truth.

  2. Euge says:

    I am Diane
    That nigth everyone were angry with mom.So mother went to her room to sleep.I asked to mom for money to a ticket train but she doesnt give me the money so i was very angry i want to kill her but i dont do it because she is me mom and i love her.I saw peter hobbs and tom briggs in the kichen but i dont do nothing.In the next morning i saw mom in the bed died and i said to roger.

  3. Manu says:

    I am Jackie.
    Peter Hobbs bought the pills I put them in the hot milk. I put the empty bottle in Diane´s bag. I killed my mother because I love the gardener but my mother didn´t give me money.

  4. Pili says:

    I am Diane.

    That night mom was celebrating her birthday. She very angry and everyone was angry with her. I was angry with her because she didn´t want to give me money. In a moment I wanted to kill her, but I didn´t.
    In the dinner,Peter Hobbs came and he wanted to kill her because he lost her job because of her.
    In the morning she was dead and I don´t know who killed her.

  5. Emi says:

    I am Diane,
    Last night we all were angry with mom. She went to bed early and I took milk to her. At night Peter Hobbs went to dinner. He was very angry with mother because of a letter that she sent he lost his first job. He wanted to kill her! Everyone wanted mother to die because their wanted her money. I didn’t like my mom, she killed my father. I wanted to kill her but I didn’t.

  6. Nicolas grosso says:

    I am Tom Briggs

    Last nigth i went to Clarcksons’ house to meet Roger because i want to buy half of the garden. I saw all the family in the kitchen and Peter Hobbs was there too Mrs Clarckson was no there .

  7. Federico San Lorenzo says:

    I am Roger.
    I am Diane and Jackie ‘s brother.Last night the family had dinner together and we had a big discussion about my mother’s money. I asked mom for money because I have an expensive house and an expensive car. I wanted mom to sell the house and go to another one because the house was very big for her. A friend and I wanted to build houses in mom´s property. I tried to convince her but she said no. I did not kill her.

  8. Tiara says:

    I m Diane

    “That night mother went to her room. When I tern round I saw Peter Hobbs climbing in the window and I said to Roger, Jackie,Albert but they thought that I was crazy. Today morning I went to mother s room and I saw her life.

  9. Tomy Braun says:

    I am Daian

    Last night everyone was angry my Mom, Tom Brigs and Jaki. My Mom didn´t want to gave my mony so a was very angry I wanted to kill her but I did´t doit then I mom went to her room I went whith her bur when a saw her bed she was ded I told Roger.den I was running to my room when a saw a bottle in my bag.

  10. Mati H. says:

    I’m Roger.

    My mother was very angry because everyone wanted her money. It was her birthday yesterday.

    Everybody was angry with her too because she said no when they asked for money.
    My sister Jackie lived with her and was angry because she didn’t like the man she loved, not for the money.
    I needed money myself too. I wanted her to sell the house and build and sell houses… but she said no. I was angry but I didn’t kill her.
    I don’t know who did.

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