Island for Sale

isalnd for sale

Write a short description of the island to publish it on a newspaper in order to sell it.

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  1. Sofi says:

    Lana, the island is a very beautiful place to pass the summer, or, the hollidays. There is a beautiful lake were you can go swimming or fishing. There are a lot of tres and flowers, you can go for a walk arrownd the island, or pain the amaizing views.And there is to a very comfortable, big and beautiful castle.

  2. pili says:

    This island has a lot of trees.
    It is a beautiful place where you can camp and fish.
    There is no roads or cars, so it s a very quiet place .

  3. SANTI.Y says:

    Quiet island in the middle of the sea near Scotland for sale.
    The island has an old and big casttle with many big rooms in it.
    Execelent oportunity for people that love adventure.
    You can practice fishing,swimming and trekking.
    The island is surrounded by trees,flowers and nature too.
    For visits contact Duncan McTavish from 10 am to 18 pm.

  4. Millie says:

    There it is a very big castle were you can do many parties.A very wonderful lake with lots of fish.An incredible forest with incredible forest with pretty nice tres and plants.

  5. Tomas Zubizarreta says:

    island LANA for sale: this island has some wonderful places to visit.
    it has an old castle , lots of plants and including a beautiful forest , a giant sea and it has some wonderful views

  6. Tiara says:

    A new island appeared!!!!

    It is a big island , the island have a big castle so there you can invite your friends to sleep.If you love to paint…. don`t worry you can paint the views of the sea.

    BUY IT NOW!!!!

  7. Federico San Lorenzo says:


    Lana is a big island. There are many trees in Lana and it is a peaceful place to think. It is a beautiful place and there is a lake where you can swim and go fishing. There is a great and marvelous castle. Lana is not expensive! Buy it now!

    BY FEDE : D

  8. Emi Varela says:

    Lana is very nice there is a big lake where you can go swimming or fishing. You can go for a walk around the island. There are many trees and flowers. There is a beautiful scenery, it is amazing to paint it. There is a castle where you can live. You will have the best comfort of the world.

  9. felicitas says:

    I love the story

  10. felicitas says:

    The island has a lot of trees it is beautiful.And I dont say the splendid sea.
    It is very hot and there are a lot of nature. You have to go there if it exists.

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